FedEx Express: Service Alert (January 18th, 2022) UPDATE

Leslie Karr
Leslie Karr
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1/18/122 7:39pm ET: FedEx Express small parcel service has resumed (but is still suspended for freight). Expect continued delays due to COVID-19 and weather impacts. Please review the latest details from FedEx: (section: Winter Storm Izzy and Operational Impacts, Jan 18, 2022)

1/13/122 5:10pm ET: FedEx Express service is still suspended. Please review the latest details from FedEx: (section: Operational Impacts, Jan 13, 2022)

1/11/22 11:51am ET: FedEx Express service is now expected to resume normal operations starting January 13th. 

1/10/22 5:26pm ET: FedEx Express service is expected to resume to normal operations starting January 11th.

1/5/22 5:45pm ET: All domestic Express Freight has been suspended through Sunday and can be extended into next week. The suspension is global and includes export, import, and third party.





The following has been published by FedEx: (section: Operational Impacts, Jan 5, 2022)


FedEx Express is heavily impacted. This includes the following Express services:

  • Standard Overnight
  • Priority Overnight
  • 2Day
  • 2Day AM
  • Express
  • International Economy
  • International Priority

The underlying cause is pilot shortage as a result of COVID19 and weather.

  • COVID19 & weather have impacted the FedEx Express sortation hub in Memphis. This is the primary air hub for FedEx.
  • According to the website, it seems like they are expecting this until at least January 10, 2022
    • Whiplash is awaiting further word on the when they expect things to return to normal.


  • Customers should refrain shipping anything via FedEx Express. If possible, Whiplash recommends removing the option from your e-commerce stores.
  • Prepare your Customer Service teams with the information in this alert so they are able to field questions from your customers.


Our internal team is working closely with our FedEx account management team to get updates as the situation evolves. We will share updates as we receive them.