February 8, 2022

Victoria Kozak
Victoria Kozak
  • Updated

Features and Enhancements

  • New Rules for Shipping Notice Management. Customers can add new items into a shipping notice only until it is in "Arrived" status. Facility assistants and partners can add additional inventory into the shipping notice until it is marked as completed.

Bug Fixes

  • Location Transfer (Stock Transfer). Location code validation is not case-sensitive anymore. It's possible to utilize shelf-labels codes with lower and upper cases, and the system will accept them as correct.
  • A problem with incorrect automatic routing (shipping method choosing) of orders containing perfume is solved.
  • Option "Quote Order" is available for users with the "Partner" role in the order creation interface.
  • Inventory Adjustments report does not include uncommitted audits anymore.
  • Security. The issue with access to templates is solved.
  • Other bug fixes and minor enhancements; these changes will help us fulfill your brand and deliver your brand experience to consumers.