April, 12th

Nick Smith
Nick Smith
  • Updated

Features and Enhancements

  • Lot control: New feature created to allow lot controls to be discarded
  • Lot control: New feature created allowing admins to remove lot info from a Location
  • Whiplash API: Added a Shipping API monitor endpoint

Bug Fixes

  • Warehouse features: When updated (i.e. changing legacy pack to pack 2.0) users will not have to log out/in or clear cache for the changes to take effect
  • Filter Search: Fixed an issue where users could not search for ship notices using a PO# 
  • Lot Control: Fixed an issue where users were unable to uncheck Lot Control on an item with FIFO or FEFO Shipping Strategy 
  • Uploads: Fixed an issue where progress bars were not present during uploads
  • Scan-based receiving: Fixed an issue where operators could create two lines for the same item
  • Customer Tabs: Fixed an issue where users are redirecting to the incorrect page on error submission
  • Location Quantities: Fixed a bug where allocations are not raised when location quantities are updated creating the opportunity for transactions to be counted twice
  • Other bug fixes and minor enhancements: these changes will help us fulfill your brand and deliver your brand experience to consumers.