June 29th, 2022

Nick Smith
Nick Smith
  • Updated

Scan Codes and Alternative Scan Codes

  • Faster scan speed when receiving, packing, auditing locations, and in other areas of the application
  • Faster scan code searches throughout the application
  • Searches for active scan codes no longer include deactivated scan codes

Filter Sets

  • Faster searches in Orders, Items, Ship Notices, and other search pages

Ship Notice

  • Large Ship Notices now supported (over 400-line items)
  • Now shows error message for the duplicate item when there are duplicates in a new Ship Notice


  • USPS Shippo Manifests are now working and no longer get stuck


  • After label purchase, orders can no longer be paused
  • Improved error message when files are unsuccessfully uploaded in Orders
  • Faster Order Exports via new AWS Exporter
  • Expects Meta Fields for orders via API where meta fields are required
  • Address Verification will be applied to orders when created and updated
  • Commercial Invoices are now available to be printed on International Customer Provided Label (CPL) orders and International Pick Up orders


  • Users not logged into Whiplash can now access Returns RMAs
  • Unsuccessful shipped notifications for Shopify Orders are now shown in Order History
  • Fixed error with Returns Templates
  • Other minor changes to help us fulfill your brand and deliver your brand experience to consumers