July 27th, 2022

Mayda Domenech
Mayda Domenech
  • Updated

Ship Notices:

  • Customers can now search items on Ship Notices using a search bar
  • Only items with quantity can be added to a ship notice
  • Multiple export options available for Ship Notice and Consumer Returns export


  • Converting promotional or packaging items to merchandise no longer results in an error
  • Tracking information now available in Order Details for Axelhire shipping method


  • Consumer returns can be searched using the Return Reason
  • Search by Notify Originator Inventory type available
  • Default International Ship Method search limited to international results


  • Privacy Policy page can be accessed under the Profile dropdown
  • Clearer error messages when trying to sync a promotional item with Shopify
  • Customer credit cards will not automatically be billed when the balance is zero
  • ‘Learn more about packaging rules’ link within the Rules directs to the correct help center article
  • Date, DateTime, Float value types are available when creating Meta keys
  • Minor changes to help us fulfill your brand and deliver your brand experience to consumers