Setting Days In Transit on a Street Dated Item

Lillian Urspruch
Lillian Urspruch
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Set Days in Transit

To ensure that your International customers receive their orders around the same time as your domestic customers if you have an item with a Street Date release, you will want to set Days in Transit** for those orders*. To do this, you will create a Filtered Search containing the Street Date item.


* You will want to set the Days In Transit value for both your International and Domestic orders, separately, via targeted order searches. You can target Domestic orders containing your Street Dated products by setting a filter of Destination -> Country -> {Country of Origin}.

** The Days In Transit value is representative of the number of calendar days that it will take for an order containing any Street-Dated product to land at its destination. Business days/facility operation schedules should be taken into account when considering this value. 

From the Orders tab, click on the circle with a plus sign. 
Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 2.25.00 PM.png
Next, set up your search parameters. Here is an example of the filters you may wish to use:
Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 2.28.54 PM.png
This generates a list of international orders containing the selected item. If you ship from more than one facility, you may manipulate the parameters to the filter Facility ->is -> (Facility name).

Once you have the list, you will want to set Days in Transit via a Bulk Action
From the generated search page, select Bulk Actions and scroll to Set Days in Transit:
Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 2.29.46 PM.png
From the next page, you will want to select how many days it may take for these orders to land at their international destinations. Many times this is set between 5 and 7 days earlier than the actual street date to account for time in transit. 

Once you have entered your time frame, click Yes, I'm Sure. This will set the Days in Transit for your selected search. 


Set Days in Transit From Carrier Estimates

Alternatively, you may also elect to use the Bulk Action, Set Days In Transit From Carrier Estimate. 

The function and behavior of this bulk action is slightly different in that a user will not need to select the time in transit as with Days in Transit. This Bulk Action sets the carrier's estimated number of days in transit, relative to each Shipping Method/option applicable within that carrier, as the value that is applied as the number of days in transit. 

From the generated search page, select Bulk Actions and scroll to Set Days in Transit From Carrier Estimate

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 1.32.32 PM.png

Please note, this Bulk Action cannot be applied to orders entering Whiplash under any generic Shipping Method such as Whiplash Cheapest Rate, Whiplash Cheapest Tracked, etc. Additionally, the available Shipping Methods must share their estimated shipping timelines on the carrier end as well.

By using this Bulk Action, you leave the timing up to the named carriers estimated timelines. 


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