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What are ship notices?

Every time you send inventory to Whiplash warehouses, you'll create a ship notice. A ship notice gives the Whiplash team a heads up that your inventory is on the way and outlines exactly what items and quantities to expect. As the warehouse receives your shipment, the Whiplash team will count it and, at the end, Whiplash will provide a report showing a summary of the differences between what was received and the ship notice.

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Creating a ship notice

You will need to create a ship notice before you send inventory to any of our warehouses because you’ll need to attach specific ship notice information to your inbound shipment. Ship notices can be created either through the UI or via the Whiplash API.

Lightbulb-1.png To learn how to prepare your items for shipment, see Preparing Products.

1.   Click Ship Notices in the top menu, and then click Create Ship Notice in the top-right corner.


2.   Enter all required information including the sender’s name, the warehouse where the shipment will be sent, and the estimated delivery date.


Lightbulb-1.pngBe sure to always include the tracking number(s) of the shipment in the Tracking Number field.

3.   You can enter a reference number that applies to an entire ship notice like a purchase order (PO) #, ATTN, container number, etc. in the Reference field. You also can add PO #s to individual items once they have been added to your ship notice.

4.   Click Create Ship Notice. The Ship Notice details page opens.


On the details page, you’ll see a new, unique Ship Notice #. Be sure to attach that number to your incoming shipment to prevent delays in receiving. 

You'll also see a summary of the ship notice under the Ship Notice #.

  • Items:  Number of items included in the ship notice.
  • SKUs:  Number of SKUs represented in the ship notice.
  • Orders awaiting this stock:  Number of orders that cannot be shipped due to a lack of inventory. If this field has a 0, then there's inventory for all items on the ship notice.

5.   On the Ship Notice details page, you can add items manually, import them, or use the Whiplash API. You also can add a note or make changes to your ship notice on the details page.

Warning.png  Important items to note: 

  • Warehouses have a specific number of business hours to mark a ship notice as Arrived, based on the SLA in the contract. Once arrived, shipments will be processed based on the SLA requirements. If a shipment contains a large number of different SKUs or variants, receiving can take longer. Reach out to for time estimates on large shipments.
  • Items must exist in Whiplash to be on a ship notice and received. In most cases, items are created automatically through a shop integration.

To create items manually, see Items for more information. You can manually add items for anything that isn't for sale in your shop including packaging or promotional items.

  • For items that arrive as part of a shipment but are not included in the original ship notice, the warehouse will create a new, Unexpected Delivery Ship Notice and fill in the Whiplash Notes within that ship notice to detail what items need to be added, including their counts. The Ship Notice number for the Unexpected Ship Notice will be included on the original ship notice for reference.
  • Additional processing charges may be needed if inventory arrives in mixed cartons or is not properly labeled. Please email for any questions.
Note: Shipment times vary during 4th quarter each year. Please see our annual Holiday Prep Guide for more information. 

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International Shipments

You are responsible for getting your inventory to us with duties paid and customs cleared. Also, Whiplash cannot be listed as the Importer of Record.

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Purchase Order Number (PO#)

This optional field can help identify and track incoming shipments. PO#s can be added when creating ship notices, used in Search filters (for those PO#s entered on ship notices), and appear in exports.

A ship notice can contain items from multiple purchase orders. Each Item can have its own Purchase Order Number.

If the same item is present in multiple purchase orders, it will be kept separate by PO # and can be received independently.

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What goes in the Notes field? 

After creating a ship notice, you can click Add Notes on the Ship Notice details page to enter particulars about the shipment. This can include details such as product nuances, specific details to keep an eye out for, or comments in general about the delivery.


Alternatively, the receiving team might enter a Warehouse Note to relay details about the state of the products being delivered. Information about damages to the shipment as a whole will appear here with photos.


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