Promotional Items

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Heather Haleen
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Promotional Items (promo items) are throw-ins such as stickers, flyers, and sometimes packaging (subject to approval at a promotional rate), that you would like added to orders under certain circumstances. There is a cost for adding a Promo Item to an order. Refer to your agreement for details. 

A Promo Items cannot ship alone, since they are meant to be throw-in items. Orders containing only Promo Items will be cancelled by default in app. If for some reason you need to send a Promo Item on its own, please contact us directly for instructions. Also, please note that we do not send regular stamped mail. 

Promo Items have:

  • Negligible Weight

  • Negligible Value

  • No Barcode

Inventory is tracked for the item and the item is listed on the packing slip; however, due to the unregulated nature of Promo Items, accuracy is not guaranteed and Whiplash will not be held liable in cases of missing or erroneously added Promo materials.


Creating a Promo Item

  1. Manually create an item

  2. Navigate to product's "Details" and select "This is a Promo Item"


  3. Click "Update Item"

  4. Once you have created the Promo Item, navigate to "Rules" to choose which orders it is added to.

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