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By default, "Items" are sellable products in your shop. Items can be created in various ways and also be configured to be promotional or packaging. 

Items are typically identifiable by their SKU.


Creating Items

For sellable products, this happens automatically as part of an eCommerce integration. It is also possible to import a CSV or create Items manually by clicking "Create Item" in the upper right from "Inventory Search".

Ways to create new Items

Items are created in three ways: 

  1. Platform Connection
  2. Via Ship Notice
  3. Manually

Platform Connection (Recommended)

Connecting your sales platform is the most streamlined method for inputting your products into Whiplash. As part of your standard install process with Whiplash, you will connect your appropriate sales platform. During this process, we will import your products automatically. Instructions for connecting the main platforms are available below. If you don't see your platform or have questions in general, don't hesitate to contact us.

Via Ship Notice

A second way to create items is via the "Ship Notice" tab.

You will create a Ship Notice any time you are sending us inventory. This tells us that inventory is on the way and ensures a smooth receiving process. When creating a Ship Notice, you can create new products not previously associated with your Whiplash account.

Clicking on "Add Items" within the Ship Notice will allow you to add items currently in stock, but also give you the option to "Create a new item".



Once your new item has been created, it will bring you back to the Ship Notice. Click "Add Items" and let us know how many are on the way! 


Rarely needed, but in certain instances, such as creating product bundles or promo items, you may need to add a product manually. You can add them one by one or in bulk by selecting "Inventory" and clicking "Create Item", or navigating to Browse/Search and clicking "Import Items".


Searching For and Exporting Items

Inventory Snapshots are captured daily. You can find them by navigating to "Files" under "Customer". You can find more information about inventory snapshots here.

You can also do a manual CSV export, which captures the most up-to-date information but takes longer: 



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