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Notifications allow you to get automatic alerts about your Whiplash Orders and Inventory. You can manage them by clicking on "Customer" in the top right corner of the application and selecting “Notifications".


Creating New Notifications

If you want to set up a new Notification, select "Add Notification".


This will allow you to set up your preferred Notification and choose: 

  • What Notification you would like to be sent. You can view the full list of notification descriptions here.
  • Which user is getting the Notification (any Whiplash User can subscribe). 
  • How your notification should be sent to you (E-mail, Webhook, SMS, Slack). 
  • The API version you are using.

Once active, you will begin to receive notifications.


Editing and Removing Notifications

If you need to change the settings on your Notification or would like to remove it completely, navigate to the "Notifications" page.

Hover over the Notification and the options to "Edit" or "Delete" will appear. Make whatever changes you need and Save, or Delete, and you are all set. You can always set the Notification back up at a later date. 

Note: If you want to check your Primary Contact click on "Customer" in the top right corner of the app and select “Preferences", then "General". If your information is listed there, you are considered the Primary Account and will automatically get some Notifications and cannot opt out.

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