Ship Notices Reimagined - Overview

Julie  Houlton
Julie Houlton
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The new version of Ship Notices brings a host of optimizations that improve usability and allow faster load times without sacrificing the familiar functionality you rely on. 

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Benefits of the new Ship Notices

  • Refreshed User Interface (UI) and enhanced User Experience (UX) with improved responsiveness.
  • Improved handling of large ship notices exceeding a few hundred line items.
  • Added visibility to ship notice item images to improve line item recognition.
  • Simplified process to manually add items to ship notices by adding clarity to headings, adding pagination for speed and usability, and improving feedback loops.
  • Descriptive, actionable error messaging to help guide users throughout their ship notice journey.

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Overview of layout enhancements

Ship notice information is now presented in a streamlined left-to-right layout, making it easier for you to navigate. The layout consists of three main sections: Summary, Details, and Actions.

Summary (left) 


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Detail (center)



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Actions (right)


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For more information on the format changes between the new Ship Notices version and previous version, see Ship Notices - What Went Where? 


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