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How We Ship Your Items

As your fulfillment partner, Whiplash receives and stores the items you send us. When an order is placed, we pick, pack, and ship the items to the name and address provided, using the Shipping Method you have requested. Whiplash packs your customer's order and hands them to the carrier you have chosen.

You can check out the shipping methods here to see the normal transit times for the method you have chosen.

 Flow chart of events involved in shipping

Why Can't I Track my Package?

A package showing "Pre-shipment" after pickup will usually show tracking data as it passes through the hub to be sorted by destination, or at delivery.

After the successful shipment of your customer's order, you or your customer may see that the tracking information has not been updated. Since packages are picked up in large quantities, tracking occasionally does not pick up immediately.

Sometimes packages never show any tracking data at all. This is most common with USPS, but does happen across many carriers. The package is still on the way to your customer.

Contact Your Carrier

Once your customer's package has shipped, it is up to you, the seller, to contact the carrier you have chosen for any issues with tracking and/or delivery. Please remember that you can only check with your requested carrier on shipments that include tracking. If the shipping account is owned by Whiplash, the Customer Success team is able to escalate tracking issues with our account representatives.

Note: Depending on the carrier, you may need to create an account to log in and inquire.

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